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Adthrive review

AdThrive Review: There are various ad networks available to monetise your blog. Some of them pay very well while most of them are usually disappointing to the publishers. AdSense is one of the most used and preffered ad network for bloggers and publishers as it doesn’t require much traffic and the approval process is also very smooth. But, Relying only on AdSense is not the good way to make mone from your blog.

There are numerous of affiliate programs and other ad networks that pays several times more than AdSense and have a great RPM, CPM as well as CPC Rates. Using these ad networks instead of AdSense may help you to generate income to the highest potential from your blog.

In this article, I am going to review a premium ad network called AdThrive. So, First of all…

What is AdThrive?

AdThrive ReviewIntroduction: AdThrive is a renowned full service ad management company that offers a comprehensive range of services. Full-service ad management companies assist publishers and bloggers get the most money from their advertising by determining the best ad layout and organizing the ad auctions that determine which ads appear on the site.

Adthrive review

AdThrive was founded in 2013 by a husband-and-wife blogging team with the goal of assisting creators in increasing their ad revenue and working in their dream careers by creating meaningful digital content. They partnered with CafeMedia, a renowned digital media company, in 2016 to provide even more support to publishers.

Joining this premium ad network isn’t easy at all. There are less than 3000 publishers who are able to take benefit from this ad network. Let’s see what are the minimum traffic requirements and other requirements to join AdThrive as a publisher.

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AdThrive Requirements

AdThrive ReviewRequirements: AdThrive has a high traffic as well as other requirements to accept you as a publishers. Joining this premium ad network isn’t easy at all. Some of the requirements to join adthrive as a publisher are:

  • Your site must be connected to Google Analytics. Minimum traffic requirements is 100,000 monthly pageviews and it must be recorded by Google Analytics.
  • Majority of your web traffic must come from countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Traffic from these countries s premium traffic and your site can generate high revenue from these traffic locations. AdThrive also ensures either your web traffic is valid or invalid such as bot traffic etc.
  • Your website or blog mustn’t have any advertising as well as other infrigements. If your blog was previously banned by Google AdSense or any renowned ad network, they will reject your application.
  • Your content should be unique ,original and of high quality. Any of the posts from your website mustn’t be plagiarized. Your content shouldn’t promote any kind of racism, hate, and other illegal activities.
  • Your blog or site should be https secured and should have an updated SSL Certificate.

If you meet all the traffic as well as other requirements mentioned above, You can apply for AdThrive. Now, Let’s talk about the approval process of AdThrive ad Network.

AdThrive Approval Process

AdThrive ReviewApproval Process: Applying for AdThrive as a publisher is very easy. You just have to visit AdThrive website and sign up by providing three set of information categorized as Site Info, Ad Setup and Site Traffic.

On the first page, It will ask you to provide information about yourself and your website. It ensures that you have a working email address and complete site information. Furthermore, It will inquire about your ad strategy if you are running any other ad networks on your blog.

On the last page, it will ask for Google Analytics data . It is a Google analytics view-only authorisation that the firm utilizes to validate the traffic on your site. After receiving your application, the Adthrive staff will analyze it as soon as possible.

You can also apply or sign up for AdThrive from here:

Once they review your application thoroughly, they send an E-mail mentioninnng further steps if you’re accepted. If you’re rejected, they also give reasons for that. Don’t worry if you get rejected by AdThrive, you can take a look at some AdThrive alternatives. Finsihed applying for AdThrive, Let’s talk about their dashboard.

AdThrive Dashboard

AdThrive ReviewDashboard: The Adthrive dashboard includes a number of specific reports that help you get information in detail. It includes information on specific ad earnings and performance,  RPM breakdown as well as traffic insights.

The RPM breakdowns cover specific pages, and the traffic insights come from your Google Analytics account. Remember that these are provided to help you keep track of your performance and how you may improve it.

AdThrive Dashboard

When you click the “View All Ad Network Earnings” button on the dashboard, you’ll see a concise overview of monthly earnings. All of these figures are in US dollars. However, if you choose a foreign currency for payment, you won’t have to worry because the bank will convert the amount for you.

That’s all about the AdThrive Dashboard. Now, Let’s talk about the main thing which is Revenue.

AdThrive Revenue

AdThrive ReviewRevenue: AdThrive ad network require a minimum of 3 ads running in your website in visible locations on every device. Ad format in AdThrive also includes video ads which can help you generate a good income. Also, Adthrive pays 75% of earnings to the publishers. Google AdSense pays only 68% of the total revenue to its publishers which is 7% less than that of AdThrive.

AdThrive average RPM ranges from 13 USD to 15 USD. That means you’ll be able to generate up to 15 dollars per 1,000 pageviews. According to AdThrive publishers, you can uplift your revenue up to 200% by using AdThrive. Earnings are very high on AdThrive. Moreover, They help you to best optimize your site and help in ads placement to skyrocket your earnings.

Adthrive Payment

AdThrive ReviewPayment Methods: Publishers get paid every 45 days via AdThrive. Which means the earnings of January are paid on the 15th of April. AdThrive advises publishers to include their payment and tax details so that their first payment arrives on time.

There are various payment methods to receive your earnings. Some of the payment methods or payout options include:

Adthrive Payment MethodFees/Charges
Paypal/Payoneer0 USD
Local Bank Transfer0 USD
Cheque0 USD
Wire Transfer – US15 USD
Wire Transfer – Non US (Non USD)20 USD
Wire Transfer – Non US (USD)25 USD

The minimum payment threshold for all payout options is 25 USD except for wire transfer. The minimum payment threshold for wire transfer is 100 USD. The AdThrive ad network has also set different payment thresholds for different countries and currencies which you can find in their blog.

Adthrive Support

AdThrive Review – Support: AdThrive provides best class support to its publishers. For non-publishers AdThrive also provides good customer support in case of any query. There is also an active Facebook group for publishers in case they need any help, suggestion and information. Publishers can contact AdThrive anytime using E-mail and Facebook. They reply instantly and help you solve your issue and answer to your query. So, overall AdThrive has an excellent customer support.

AdThrive Review: Conclusion

Overall, AdThrive is a very good and premium ad network which can help you earn ad revenue to the highest potential. If you have a Google Adsense site that is getting a good traffic of about 100,000 pageviews per month, then I highly recommend you to checkout AdThrive.

If you aren’t getting that much traffic or the traffic is from other locations than USA, UK, Canada etc. then you can look at AdThrive alternatives that pay really well. Valueimpression is also a high quality premium ad network. Check it out!

Once you have good traffic, you can switch to AdThrive anytime.

Have you had experience with AdThrive or another ad network that you would like to discuss with me or my blog visitors? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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