How to get AdSense Approval for Your Site in 2024?

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how to get google adsense approval

Are You Looking For the Google AdSense approval requirements?

Most bloggers always need Google Adsense for monetizing their blogs. In past, Google doesn’t take much time for approval. It is not wrong to say that bloggers get approval in a week or early. Nevertheless, things have changed now. It is becoming harder to get a “green signal” from the Google side than before. Although it’s hard to get approval but remember that it is not “Impossible”. You can get your account approved if you are passionate about blogging. Never leave the battlefield, if you fail the first time, go and try second timing, third timing, and so on… Let’s start exploring a guide that I’m going to share with all those bloggers who want instant approval of the Adsense account application.

First thing first, you cannot get AdSense benefits without increasing your website traffic. So, read the following article to increase your blog traffic.

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Read Terms and Conditions Carefully

Terms and conditions

If you have decided that you will monetize your blog with Google Adsense then it is strongly advisable to reach each and every term of Google Adsense before taking any action. You can find the complete terms and conditions page on google Adsense’s official website. It is good to know that terms and conditions vary from country to country. You needn’t select your billing country for getting an idea about all restrictions and policies of Google Adsense.

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Must Have a Clean Responsive Blog Theme

You need to check the theme of your blog. It should be clean, no ambiguity should be there. It happens many times that people have a tech blog and they are writing blogging tips on this blog; this is not the right approach. If you have a health blog then concentrate on health and its related aspects. You need a well-defined theme that demonstrates the main subject of your blog vividly if you want instant Google Adsense approval.

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Must Have a Clean Blog Design

web design for adsense

Whether you are using Blogger or WordPress, you should have a clean and user-friendly blog design. A guest never likes to stay in a messy room, so how can Google approve a website with a messy design. All widgets should be arranged clearly on the blog. There is no need to add unwanted widgets to the blog page. If you have added some widgets that have no value, it’s better to remove them. In addition, you need to develop good navigation so that crawlers can easily reach your links and content. Create and maintain a clean internal linking structure.

Tip: When you have done with blog design, I suggest you go for a friend’s recommendation. Ask your friends to check your blog and give you honest opinions. You can also get suggestions from some webmaster’s forums since these forums often have expert bloggers, who are ready to help other bloggers.

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Must Possess an Old Domain

Google considers old domains as more valuable than new ones. If you own a domain that is one month old, it is not advisable to send your application. Your domain age should be six months at least.

Tip: If you want to increase the chances of your Google Adsense approval then you prefer a domain with (dot) com extensions over dot net or country-specific extensions. Although Google approves all kinds of extensions a domain with dot com gets approved more quickly than others.

Blog must have Unique and Informative Content

adsense content requirements

I think it is the most important step you need to be taken before applying for an account with Google Adsense. Your blog must have more than 20 “Unique” posts. I’m emphasizing unique because it means “No Copied Content”. All your efforts will be wasted if you post copyrighted material on your blog. If you are following some blogs then there is no need to paste their content on your blog, because you want to earn just like the bloggers whom you are following. The right approach is to follow him, get ideas from his blogs, be creative and come up with your own content. You can hire a content writer if you find it hard to create informative content.

Tip: Try to keep readers in mind when creating content. If you keep money in mind then you will create keyword-rich content, which has no value in the eyes of Google. If your blog content is valuable for readers then Google will surely give some value to your application; in this way, you can expect Google Adsense approval.

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Must Bring Organic Traffic      

Your blog should have a constant and good amount of organic traffic, if it doesn’t have then chances of account approval will decrease. For example, it must have more than 100 unique visitors per day, in case you need quick approval from the Google side.

Tip: Your blog design and content may be good but it doesn’t have a constant flow of traffic. You don’t need to worry, you should get help from online tips with which you can generate organic traffic with a little effort.

Be Social

Social links for adsense

Your online presence on social platforms is also being counted by Google. It is good to write your real name in the author bio and also connect your blog with your social accounts especially Google plus. According to many bloggers, a “strong” google plus profile leaves a good impact on blog traffic. So, you should never forget this trick.

Add Privacy Policy and About Me Pages

The privacy policy page is quite important in the eyes of Google. In case you don’t have one, then you can create one either yourself or get help from Google’s privacy policy generator. You also need to create an About Me Page. This page should highlight who you are, what you do, why you create this blog and also your social account details. The name on your about me page should be matched with your Adsense account name. This matching will increase the chances of your Google Adsense approval.

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Before you apply for a Google Adsense account, you need to ask 8 important questions from you. Here are these questions:

  1. Have you read the Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense?
  2. Do you have a blog with a clear theme?
  3. Is your blog has easy to navigate links with a clean design?
  4. Is the domain of your blog or website more than 6 months old?
  5. Is your blog content unique, informative and sufficient?
  6. Is your blog get a constant flow of organic traffic?
  7. Have you maintained a strong social profile online for the blog?
  8. Have you added the Privacy policy and about me page?

In case the answer to all eight questions is “Yes” then it’s time to send an application for your Google Adsense Account. I’m sure that if you have strictly followed all these steps then you will definitely get Google Adsense approval.
Best of Luck Bloggers!!!

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