Is Starting a Blog Worth it in 2024? [15 Reasons]

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Blogging has become one of the most popular hobbies in society.

When you search for something on a search engine like Google, you will find thousands to millions of sources that you can click to find what you are looking for.

This indicates that millions of people are currently blogging.

There are many goals used by every blogger for blogging activities, some aim to find additional income, some want to pour their thoughts into cyberspace, others want to help people through their writing.

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If someone asks me what I’m blogging for, I’ll try to tell them a bit. My initial goal was to create this blog because I wanted to fill my free time with more useful activities. Before creating this blog, I used to occupy my free time with activities such as playing games, watching movies, etc. After getting bored because I was confused about what games and what movies to watch. I thought and tried to dive into the world of blogging and start a new blog, then the Blogger Beginner Tips came up.

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Why start a blog in 2022?

Here are some of the reasons why you should start blogging from now on:

Increase The Ability to Write And Think

To do an article, there are several things you need, one of which is writing and thinking. These two components play a very important role in blogging activities. Because one of the determinants of whether your writing is good or not is your ability to write and think.

When you write an article, your writing skills will improve over time. Writing is the same as other activities, such as swimming, playing soccer, running and other activities that you improve more and more, the better you will do.

You will definitely need good writing skills for your life, such as when you want to make books, make presentations and others.

Now to write what do you need? of course, your brain and your fingers. When you write, your brain will work too, which means you’ll hone your thinking skills too. You will think as deeply as possible to find ideas and choose the right words to write your article.

Everyone Can do it And a Free Version is Available

Maybe some people think blogging is difficult because they have to write a large number of words in each article, know SEO, it takes a long time to have a successful blog and various other complaints.

Now that I think about it, things like that will happen when you blog. There will be many things that you will have to pay attention to and do for your blog to become a blog that matches your expectations.

But take it easy, because there are several things that if you want to achieve first you have to work hard to reap the results.

Blogging is similar to cycling, you must first be able to pedal, turn the bike, brake, and learn other things to be able to ride a bike without problems.

When you blog, the first thing you have is your intentions and goals. Then start sitting down and writing something that you have in mind. This is a bit difficult, but if there is an intention, everyone can do it.

The next thing that might be on some people’s minds is that blogging has to pay. The answer is that you don’t have to, if you really want to use the free one, you can use the WordPress and Blogger platforms, but whether you like it or not you have to give up your domain with the words and. added.

Increase knowledge

Blogging, in addition to perfecting the ability to think and write, will undoubtedly contribute to one’s knowledge. When you want to write an article or are looking for an idea, maybe the first time you do it is by visiting blogs with other blogs with similar niches so that you can get new ideas that become the material of your new article.

So when you take a walk around the blog, you will come across new articles that you may not have read before, and when you read them, your knowledge will automatically increase.

One of the ways that the brain can more easily absorb the knowledge or information that it obtains is by rewriting it in its version, I do not mean copy and paste.

Increase Knowledge

Take Advantage of Free Time

This is no less important, when blogging you can also have free time with positive activities. Because to make an article, you need at least 1 hour, not to mention adding blogwalking, promotion, and various other things to optimize your blog, which can take up to 2 hours. And that means that you will spend at least a third of your free time blogging.

Above I have told a bit of my story, the story of how my story made this blog. My initial intentions and goals were to fill my free time with activities that were more useful than just playing games and watching movies. Both of these things are really a lot of fun, especially if you just need to download them from the internet.

But if you think about it, these activities only bring joy to yourself and cannot help others, so it would be better if you could do something that brings pleasure (even if it only happens occasionally) that can help others at the same time, And one way is through blogging.

Generate Opportunities

For some, the blog is like an online journal in which they share their daily thoughts on life. Some people use their blogs to showcase their art. Others use the blog to promote their business. Most of the time, they use their blogs as a platform to generate income directly from the blogs or through the services they offer.

When people read your blog, you get a feel for yourself and what you can do. If you are focused on creating value, your audience will know it by reading your blog content. Your blog can be your portfolio or your CV if you wish.

Some bloggers have tons of options because someone found their blogs on the internet. They were invited to write, promote certain products and services, promote tourist destinations, etc.

The possibilities that a blog can offer are endless for those who want to work hard.

Self Promotion

It’s a great way to express yourself in an area of ​​knowledge or interest. By blogging, you can share information as it will show your skills to potential employees who will read your blogs.

It will also help legitimize your experience and expand your online presence and platform. It also helps to increase your credibility.

Self promotion

Become More Confident

Blogging can help build confidence and trust too! Creating content on a schedule and growing your audience can work wonders – as you gain knowledge and become more comfortable with your voice, you demonstrate that you have authority over the subject. 

This quality of self-confidence is reflected in your writing, making your readers even more confident that you really know your content. This is a positive feedback cycle that can earn friends, followers, and even additional career and income opportunities.

Self-confidence development

Meet People Like You

One of the best things about developing your interests is making friends along the way. All thanks to the internet, we live in an increasingly connected world and you can find like-minded people. Your readers and other bloggers in your niche. 

Your blog can broaden your circle of friends, allowing you to create new and rewarding relationships. Have you ever thought that you could make friends by writing a blog? Well, you can – and these combinations can also lead to new and better opportunities.

No Experience is Required

Becoming a blogger is one of the things you can do without prior experience. You inevitably shouldn’t get upset, consider it an advantage, as you can learn everything and not follow bad habits that you have acquired elsewhere. Many jobs require years of work in the industry, but blogging is another matter. While there are many courses that you can buy online, most bloggers have learned how to blog from scratch. 

This usually happens with many more or less successful attempts, but in the end, the final product is worth it. Since becoming a blogger is technically easy, this is one of the reasons the competition is so high. Even if you are inexperienced, read as many guides as possible before trying to avoid newbie mistakes.

Less Investment, More Profit

You don’t have to be a millionaire to start your own blog. If you’re still wondering if it’s worth all the effort you have to put into your new hobby, the good news is that the initial cost is pretty low.

So, if, after a year or so, you find blogging isn’t as satisfying as you hoped, you can stop and not regret your money.

Yes, you need to purchase a domain and set up hosting, but any additional services you may or may not purchase are your wish.

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It can inspire readers

In addition to inspiring yourself or the author, blogging can also inspire readers. A writer makes an article or article whose purpose is safe for other people to read.

Especially for those of you who write inspirational articles, such as success stories or biographies of famous people, devotional stories, words of wisdom, etc. There is a high probability that readers who read your writing will feel inspired.

Blogging can Make Money

You may have read an article about the 10 richest bloggers in the world, each of whom has an income of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

In fact, you can earn money through blogging. However, doing so requires a lot of effort and time.

But some people have spent months or years blogging but still can’t make money from their blogs.

Like me, for example, even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year. It’s understandable. After all, at that time I was the one who was inconsistent because I changed blogs often.

Helps You to be Independent

Blogging allows you to be yourself, to work at any time, and to be in control. You can make all the decisions about what to write, how to develop your blog, how much time per week you spend on your blog, and how you make money from your blog. 

You don’t have a boss or editor, and you can work however you like.

Learn New Things

As a blogger, you are the master of every profession. You are an author, editor, photographer, designer, publisher, marketing, finance, sales, and support, all rolled into one. It might sound intimidating when you’re just starting out, but it’s actually a lot of fun as it gives you an incredible opportunity to learn a new skill.

I learned and developed so many new skills as a blogger. For example, I studied photography, SEO, and basic accounting. I learned how to build a website from scratch, promote your blog on social media, create and launch a digital product, host a blog conference, and much more!

Make Your Hobby A Profession

Chances are, the main reason you want to blog is that you have a hobby that you think is worth sharing with the outside world. This is a topic that you have something to say about.

It can be anything – travel, food, crafts, lifestyle, cosmetics, games, or books. Your website can focus on what’s important to you or fill your free time.

But have you ever thought about making your hobby a profession?

All you have to do is put your energies into blogging, your skills, and whatever you know about the topic that interests you.

We are confident that regardless of your interests, you will find an audience of like-minded people searching the Internet for the information you provide.

And while blogging is not your primary concern, that doesn’t mean you can’t think of blogging as a legitimate business.

Hard work usually pays off, and after a while, when you figure out how to start a successful blog. You can only be proud to have built your own business from scratch.

We didn’t start blogging at first to make money, but we think we had an idea that one day it might become something more serious. We think this is one of the reasons many people start blogging, and there is nothing wrong with that.

All we know is that you should not write about topics that you are not interested in or that you do not know about, just because you think they will pay off.

Readers will soon find out about your intentions, and a lack of ideas and motivation will soon overtake you.

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